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Our Story


At 22, Greg feels passionate about electronic music and the underground world. Three years later, with plenty of contacts and guided by the desire to share his experience and his ideals, he creates Toonzshop: a store with a playful facade that offers vinyls, CDs and DJ equipment.

Very soon afterwards, and after his first trips to Asia, he brings back clothes from designers living in Bali, India or even Thailand and the sale of clothes is added to the adventure.


The first labels are launched and the first pressings begin. The atypical universe of Toonzshop continues to develop and finds a growing echo in the underground community. Its identity and musical color is refined by the desire to promote unknown artists (that's how the DJs Krumble, Candy, Disturbed Traxx, etc. got started).


The Jungle Therapy duo is born: Greg aka DJ TNZ on turntables and Festé at the microphone. A drum'n'bass sound in its own right, far from English standards that will increase their notoriety: Toonzshop is now part of the underground network. The sound systems are there and the fans of electro music find a place for exchanging and sharing their ideas.


The very first website is launched! In a few years, would become a reference site for all electronic music lovers. The business flourishes and the team expands: first Julien, then Clarisse and finally Romain join the adventure.


Rich in travel experiences through Asia where he met freelance artists and stylists befitting his universe, Greg, followed by Clarisse, together decide to fully embark on the sale of clothes, with the added allure of responsible manufacturing. Because they find creators who share this same world vision, the challenge of promoting them in France drives them. Clarisse, a fan of music and extraordinary clothing, is carrying this project and will make this phenomenon what it is today.

Toonzshop, always imbued with its affinities with the underground world, opens up to other alternative styles.


Clarisse and Greg create their first brand: Jungle Therapy materializes through a line of clothing. The time has come for the Toonzshop team to say goodbye to the place we’ve called home for quite some time [62 Grand Rue in Poitiers], the famous and green shop with all its character where everything began, and move further up the street to the larger premises of n°58. And yes, the same street, full of quirky, independent retailers and artists (umbrella and candle makers, art galleries...) the oldest shopping street in the city, with a particular atmosphere all of its own…


Under the pencils of Clarisse is born the first clothing collection named Yggdrazil, a brand which Toonzshop has sales exclusivity. It is a great success and the team is growing: graphic designer, community manager, order packers, etc.

Toonzshop is sad to leave the city centre and the legendary Grand Rue but is setting up near the railway station, alongside its friends from Plan B (the cultural, community bar) to express itself in a larger space! A beautiful spacious shop, a quiet corner to chill, a private club, offices, a photography studio, etc… An opening to remember (See the video “Inside Toonzshop”) has been planned to celebrate this new location and our new website :))


The clothes have widely popularized the image of Toonzshop. Increasingly more people are interested in these original and handmade clothes. They create a real awareness of what textile trade can be. The values of Toonzshop are recognized!

Vinyls and music are attracting fewer and fewer fans; the successes of 18 years ago are now crumbling. Toonzshop decided to stop these productions and dedicate itself fully to developing alternative clothes throughout the world.


After 4 years spent right next to downtown (34 bvd Grd Cerf), the growing Toonzshop felt like moving a bit closer to nature and having more space. In May 2019, the stock, offices, store and team moved to 45 route de la Cassette in Poitiers. Just a few miles away and yet a real change of scenery: positioned between la Boivre and le Clain (the two rivers bordering Poitiers ;p), Toonzshop now blends into a green oasis! More remote but more pleasant: the idea is also to offer social events, such as the 'TOONZ Afterwork' where live sets intermingle with night hours for the store, bar and catering. Such festive meetings take place outdoors over the entire 32,000+ square foot premises in summer and indoors in winter ;). Toonzshop is sort of going back to basics by becoming a place of exchange and sharing once again... ;)


The invasion continues… ;)