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our ethics

Toonzshop isn't just an unusual style and a unique design... It is also a specific vision for the textile industry and a responsible business ethic!
Around sixty designers are present on Toonzshop: all of them meet these requirements and they all develop their own activities.
The majority of them are based in Asia (Thailand, Bali, Nepal, India) from where they draw their inspirations and live freely according to their own philosophy. Others, are based in France, Israel, Macedonia, Portugal.

Europe  : Flipy Flux, Plazmalab, Public Beta.

 Thailand, Nepal & India  :  Bhangara, Big, Exception, Fantazia, I See, I-Ewer, Indian Project, Macha, Marada, Mileshop, Molecule, Ohm Uma,  Panoramiks, Rocky, Sure, Wasabi, Witch, Yggdrazil.

Indonesia  : Artganik, Black Bohem, Fairy Floss, Gado Gado, High Clothing, Liloo, Offrandes, Psylo, Tunksa, Saga, Sapu.

The clothes sold on Toonzshop respect the following principles :

- The products are hand-made and only limited numbers are produced. In this way the physical and psychological abilities of the workers can be protected.
This is one of the reasons why we often run out of stock on our web site... Designing a quality piece of clothing that respects the person who makes it, takes time! Thank you for your patience ;) Just create a stock alert and we will send you an email when your item will be back in stock ;) You'll be the first to know!

- The textile workers are developed in workshops that are often family-run and reasonably size and no child is involved in the production process. They have good working conditions, including: a decent salary, appropriate equipment, regulated working hours and paid overtime, a quality working environment, a variety of social benefits (paid holiday, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.)
However, these conditions are, today, still almost the exception, particularly in Asia. There, the large ready-made clothing brands have encouraged a low cost textile industry with products available for sale at particularly attractive prices and we believe it is time for people to realize that men [and animals] are not objects to be exploited! The cheaper the article of clothing is, the worse the working conditions are and the more the finish and quality of the raw materials leaves something to be desired...

- The fabrics are chosen for their quality, the more the clothing costs, the better the range of clothing is.
To meet everyone's budget, we have chosen to offer various price ranges. The lower priced items are generally made from synthetic material with a smaller number of seams. However, we also offer clothes made from natural, organic fabrics with particularly amazing finishings.

- We know the workshop managers and there are no other intermediaries; we know every link in the chain.

The clothes are made in a small family run workshop in Bali. Psylo is not only a unique designer, they also, most importantly, have a company ethic and production process that respects:

>>> Man:

- They are dedicated to guaranteeing that each member of their team enjoys balanced working conditions: higher than average pay, adult employees, paid overtime, locally employed managers, health insurance, pension scheme...
- Their workshop is located surrounded by nature, in the middle of the fields ;
- The employees have access to an organic vegetable garden and a fishing pond that they use during their lunch breaks :)

>>> The environment:

- The majority of their fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified organic cotton (organic cotton = cotton which has not been genetically modified).
- Fabric off-cuts are recycled into their patchwork-styled trousers, mittens and skirts (the rest of the unused fabric is sent to a local charity).
- The fabric dyes are water-based. They are filtered before going into the drainage system to reduce the human impact on nature.

The Plazmalab collectivity is involved in all aspects of their textile production. All of their clothes are made with great care in their « lab » in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

This team of « artistic scientists » is constantly experiment on new ways of morphing visions from mind to fabric.
Their unique prints are hand-made on silk screens; a very particular technique that requires a great deal of technical ability and which produces brightly coloured and long-lasting prints.

The clothes are hand-made in a small family run workshop in Bali, using high quality fabrics and finishings!
The Viennese designers are dedicated to creating ethically sourced clothing. Their team of seamstresses enjoy working conditions that respect their human rights!
Since the election of President « Jokowi » in July 2014, a number of economic measures have been undertaken and have impacted on the price of individual creations. However, these measures have brought security to the local people:

- The banking system has evolved in order to stabilise the Indonesian Rupiah ;

- The minimum Indonesian wage has fortunately risen in 2017. The GadoGado designers have always paid their employees more than the minimum wage and this is something that they hope to continue to do ;

- With the new regulations of the Rupiah, the price of raw materials has also risen.

The designers emphasise their ethic of responsible business and, for many years, have participated in the economic development of the country in which they work.


2023 marks a major turn for the brand... After years of hard work, GadoGado obtained their Fair Trade certification from the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). This label covers a wide range of commitments to make the clothing industry more transparent and accountable. Each piece we design guarantees: a fair price, no forced labor (and no child labor), no discrimination, good working conditions, skills development for our seamstresses, a real commitment to the climate and respect for the environment. To find out more and to access the WFTO GadoGado certification, visit the official WFTO label website.

Step into the mysterious universe of YGGDRAZIL... Discover this dreamy & surprising clothing collection exclusive to Toonzshop!

This French brand has been created by Clarisse, designed in Poitiers (86), then produced in an artisan workshop in Thailand :)

She draws her deep inspirations within the entire known world, from soft and quiet full moon's nights, from inner trips and music that makes you dance endlessly...

The mystical name of "YGGDRAZIL" is one of the Tree of life's names... She decided to choose it after being fascinated by this myth in the book "House of Leaves" and the film "The Fountain".

The creator is self-taught and her ideas flows thanks to her travels and experiences at Psytrance festivals such as Boom Festival ! Medieval culture and elven worlds as well as Science-Fiction films feed her imagination...

Fun fact : Clarisse also works at Toonzshop! She first arrived in 2008, when it was essentially a record store, then she starts developing the clothing range by adding her personal flair and bohemian touch, to finally create her own brand, "YGGDRAZIL", in 2015 !

Listen. Listen to the sound of the branches in the wind, nature's whisper...
Breathe. Feel the magic of this tree of life whose roots must hold the sky.
~Enter the universe of YGGDRAZIL~

Production Conditions:

- This independent French brand is produced in an artisan workshop in Thailand :)

- The tailors who produce the clothes are adult Thai citizens, overtimes are limited and duly paid, their working conditions are respectful of these individuals who allow us to wear these clothes. ♥

- The tailors are provided with "Universal Social Protection", the social security scheme offered to all Thai workers, which is improved by the workshop in cases of sickness or maternity leave for example.

- The workshop therefore offers working conditions which are a world away from huge textile factories : here the team is made up of only fifteen people and the place of work is located in a village.