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• Toonzshop Exclusivity •

Enter the universe of Yggdrazil : discover this surprising dreamlike collection of clothes, named after one of the mystical names given to the World Tree.

This French clothing brand is born from inner journeys where dance and music transcend the imagination. 

Dive into the extraordinary spirit of these creations with their magical, medieval, fantasy and definitely bohemian notes. 

To those who are fond of elegant, fluid or fitted cuts, looking for an unique and original style, your quest ends here...

Gado Gado

• Toonzshop Exclusivity •

Step into the unique world of Gado Gado’s creations. With its tribal and ethnic influences, this WFTO FairTrade-labeled brand uses eco-responsible fabrics for over 80% of its pieces.

Its wide collection includes dresses, leggings, tops and skirts in ornamental, floral, tribal or simpler designs.

A variety of cuts to please oversize fans to tight clothes lovers.


• Toonzshop Exclusivity •

Travel through the world of Exception’s ethnic, boho and fairytale-inspired creations.

Discover these pieces with original cuts and fabrics, in a fantasy spirit, with their floral and ethnic patterns or fabric layerings. 

A wide range of styles to suit the personnality of those who wear them.


Discover Witch’s creations inspired by Boho, Gypsy, Mori and Witchy styles.

Simple but creative pieces. Designer Juey likes to work with fabrics that look like cotton and wool, to reflect the roots and wild spirit of nature.

A collection that will resonate in all modern witches, established ones or those to be :)


Welcome to the adventurer area! Molecule collection is made for the fearless.

Find baggy trousers and cargo shorts with a military cut or a baggy one! These pieces are made of thick high-quality cotton, making them extremely resistant. 

They are perfect for your everyday life as they are for your next venture!

Toonz Art Co-Lab

• Toonzshop Exclusivity •

Through this collection, Toonzshop has selected talentful female artists : tattooists, graphists, designers, graffiti artists… to bring their work to light and let you discover their atypical and innovative visuals. 

A collection of loose-fitting, asymmetrical and comfortable pieces, to create a relaxed natural look with original prints from a variety of inspirations. 

Choose your style : floral or geometric designs, Berber or Nordic influences, nature and animals...


Get into the humoristic or oniric spirit of Rocky’s creators.

A collection of cotton t-shirts with original logo designs, inspired by nature, music or street art. Sometimes militant, sometimes poetic, their world is electro, eco-friendly and quirky!

For small budgets with big dreams ;)