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Guaranteed delivery before Christmas (with Express Courier)

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Our commitments during containment - COVID-19

Don't worry! Our delivery services (home and pick-up point) as well as our returns continue ;-)
But new instructions are to be taken into account !


HOME DELIVERY (highly recommended) :

- Deliveries are maintained but lead times could be extended (About a day or so).


- Concerning, deliveries to pick-up points, only 50% of them will remain open during the lockdown period (refer to our list* to know which ones are open ;-) !)

Are you waiting for a package that is stuck in a closed pick-up point? Don't worry!
- Packages that are currently available in the closed pick-up points will be collected and dispatched to the other open relays so that you can collect them.
However, if you have any problems picking up your package, we invite you to contact our after-sales service directly:  

• by phone : 05 49 43 61 32 (monday to friday 10am to 4pm)

• or by e-mail :

*N.B.: The list of relay points is available at the time of choosing the delivery method for your order.
This list is regularly updated, so you will know whether the nearest relay point is open or not.
What's more, don't hesitate to compare the different modes of delivery at relay points to find the one closest to your home!


Good news! Returns are still possible ;-)
Every effort will be made to process returns in the best possible way, but the processing time will be a little longer.


Thank you for your understanding,
Take care of yourself & your loved ones ♥

Updated on : 10/29/2020

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