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Toonzshop is imbued with this atypical universe even in the composition of its team.

And yes... It consists only of passionate people, curious people, travelers, musicians, philosophers, DJs, artists, nature lovers, etc.
Almost the entire team is self-taught. Behind the computers, phones, parcels and store shelves, it’s easy to find people from completely eclectic fields: sociologists, arts students, computer scientists, psychologists, supermarket managers, newspaper managers, foreign language students, ...
Because enriching one another and learning for oneself is at the heart of everyone's role!


Manager & Founder of Toonzshop

The big boss, it's him! Passionate about electronic music and travels, he created Toonzshop in 1998. Record store owner at the start... Manager of an online clothing store today! He now divides his life between France and Asia, where he finds new independent creators and links them with the manufacturing workshops. He also keeps a close eye on the global evolutions of the website.


Artistic & Commercial Director

Clarisse is the team's Swiss army knife! Creator of Yggdrazil, artistic director, manager, designer spotter, model... Toonzshop's clothing and image is —to a large extent— the materialization of her aspirations and her vision of the world.


E-Commerce Manager

As one of the team's first members, Rom has evolved together with Toonzshop! Order picker and logistics manager a few years ago, he now orchestrates part of the marketing strategy and is the point of connection between the various platforms that manage Toonzshop’s e-commerce.


Procurement Manager

Marine joined the team as an order picker and quickly took charge of the arrivals to then dedicate herself to publishing the products online. But this bit of work and organization would quickly evolve to being responsible for product purchasing & restock and managing relations with all suppliers.


Global Manager

Gwladys makes sure that everyone's expectations are taken into consideration: she is in charge of organizing the schedules of our well-deserved vacations, finding the best scotchers' trainings for the order picking team, recruiting and interviewing the staff and the new employees, in short, taking care of our happy mess ^^ 


Supervisor of Logistical Division

This cat lover and referent of the logistics department uses all her agility to manage our reserve, its organisation and storage. She is also in charge of shipments, she opens, inspects and counts every single box in order to put our restocking and new products online as soon as possible. Definitely the Maru cat of Toonzshop =^_^=


After-Sales Service Manager

Delphine is THE busy woman (and mum) by excellence! Juggling e-mails and the telephone, she's always on hand to answer your questions and solve your problems as quickly as possible. She always does it with gentleness, composure and cheerfulness ;) 


Social Media Manager

This dedicated team member hides behind her keyboard to run our beautiful Facebook community, our Instagram visuals, Pinterest tables, tweets and website posts! From web content to marketing strategy implementation, she also participates in the artistic creation of lookbooks and photographic shots!


Graphic Designer

Real Mojo tree of the company, she perfectly manages all our visuals, newsletters and photo editing to guarantee you the most beautiful designs in the galaxy! Logos, prints, web, she hits the nail on the head every time, and always with a smile. Her totem animal is the weasel, but shhh, it's a secret ;)


Purchaser & E-commerce editor

Double cap, Quentin is in charge with Marine & Benoit of placing orders with the designers. He also supports Marjo in the writing of the product sheets and in the web referencing.

Quentin is also a real "chef" and often cooks delicious cakes for all the team!


Purchaser & E-commerce editor

Ex-statistician and sharp-eyed observer, Benoît is in charge of studying our sales speeds and placing orders with our various suppliers and designers. He sometimes helps Marjo and Quentin with product descriptions. Note that he owns a Ninja Turtles t-shirt, definitely the proof that he's a cool guy.


E-Commerce Assistant

This workaholic and conviviality enthusiast wandered around for a long time before landing at Toonzshop. The greenery and tranquillity of Poitiers finally got the better of her perpetual desire for adventure ;)

With her experience in the digital domain, her great technical skills in English and her mastery of gifs, she now supports Romain on a daily basis.

By the way, Marion is the anagram of Romain... Coincidence?


Customer Service and Communication Assistant

This international business professional and customer service relations officer is joining the communications department as their assistant!

She creates excel tables as fast as lightning, touches up the colours on clothing thanks to her eagle eye, assists Clarisse during fittings and prepping for photoshoots... As well as being a
car and furry friend fanatic, she only really has one flaw: she hates dubstep!


Assistant E-commerce Trainee

Curious and assiduous, Mathéo comes from a business school. His taste for marketing makes him Romain's new sidekick.

Still a bit shy, we look forward to discovering which beast hides within him!