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Fantasy Bird new

At the edge of the forest, take in the gentle sounds of nature : from distant rustling to the enchanting song of this mystical bird ;
Follow its call to the wild and step into the dreamlike world of Yggdrazil.
Discover Morgin Riley, the “Fantasy Bird”, and the clothing designed for magical beings.


Don’t miss out on these eye-catching styles ;)
Find outfit details at the end of our lookbook... ↓↓↓

Morgin Riley x Yggdrazil

Morgin is presented in several looks in collaboration with the brand Yggdrazil.
Reflecting the profound inspirations of Clarisse, the creator and founder of this brand sold exclusively at Toonzshop, Morgin draws her creative powers and aesthetic sensibility from the best that nature has to offer.





The “Mantra” sweater dress could easily become the centrepiece of anybody’s wardrobe.
Subtly blending femininity and comfort, its large hooded collar either adorns your shoulders or covers your head, whatever your mood and/or taste.
Paired with a belt or leggings, this dress offers true versatility.

Sexy, chic, casual : reinvent your look !

It is available in a range of colours to satisfy any taste and there is also a sweater version.





How can you resist the charm of the wonderful "Elixir” sweater dress worn beautifully here by Morgin?!

With bare shoulders, flowing sleeves & cowl neck, this original design was dreamt up for fairies and other playful creatures who come out to dance on moonlit evenings.
Worn with a jacket, as seen here on the model Makshi, this dress creates a more classic style.

Sensuality and femininity are revealed through a unique design.

“Free birds refuse to tolerate our gaze.”
The Dawn Breakers - René Char

Enter the world of YGGDRAZIL : A dreamlike & poetic clothing brand named by one of the mystical names of « the Tree of life ».
This collection was born from inner journeys during full moon nights when music and dance transcend imagination...


Model-Photographe-MUAH-Dreadlocks ©morgin_riley (IG)

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